Preparing A Will or Trust? The Process May Be More Difficult Than You Think!

It is imperative to every individual with significant property ownership that official documentation is created to dictate where that property goes should something happen to them. Property owners often have individual family members or every family friends who need or deserve the rights to that property more than others, and most people want to know their preferences on the matter be followed in the case of their death. However, writing a will or other estate planning documents is not as simple as writing a letter to be found in the event of a tragedy. It is an unpleasant process in and of itself to ponder the outcome of the end of one’s life, but it is also a confusing legal process to make sure that will is verified and considered legitimate. For someone with little to no background in law, it can simply be impossible to execute successfully. California has a unique law associated with the will-writing process, and you should consider hiring a Legal Document Assistant familiar with the process. What exactly will you need expert legal document assistance on? One of the most common causes to hire a legal document assistant during the will-writing process is estate-planning processes such as living trusts. Living trusts are a written agreement between the property owner and the person who would manage that property in the event of your death. It ultimately involves three parties: the creator (property owner), the trustee/s that would handle the owner’s property and the beneficiaries. Contact us for your legal document preparation needs. Our goal is your satisfaction, and we provide that by honest and upfront pricing combined with professional and quality legal document preparation. For specific procedures, timelines and pricing, please contact our office. You can do so by any of the means listed here: Contact Us.

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